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I am a Criminology Lecturer in the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research. I am also the Director of Studies for the MA in Research Methods, and the Kent Coordinator for the Common Studies in Critical Criminology programme.

My research interests focus on informing policy and practice to reduce sexual, gendered and hate-based victimisation. I have published widely in these areas, using my engagement with the statutory and third sectors to inform my teaching and scholarly practice. I currently convene the gender, crime and victimisation modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as the Inside-Out Prison module.


I joined the University of Kent in 2014. I have previously taught a variety of Criminology, Sociology and Law modules at Queen’s University Belfast, Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Central Lancashire.

I completed my PhD in Law, passed without corrections, at Queen’s University of Belfast. My MA in Criminology, Rights and Justice was awarded from Lancaster University and my BA (Hons) in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Central Lancashire.

Contact Information


Room E124
Cornwallis East
University of Kent
Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NF

Thursday 10.00 - 12.00, or by appointment.

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Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository

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Total publications in KAR: 33 [See all in KAR]
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Research Interests

My research focuses on informing policy and practice to reduce sexual, gendered and hate-based victimisation. My academic work is informed by my work with the community voluntary sector, which currently includes acting as a Trustee for the Rising Sun Domestic Violence and Abuse Charity. I have previously worked as a volunteer and steering group member of Circles of Support and Accountability (a charity working with sex offenders in the pursuit of desistance); an Independent Advisor for South Yorkshire Police regarding best practice in tackling homophobic hate crime; and a domestic violence helpline volunteer.

My publications address policy, practice and experience in relation to the key areas outlined below:

  • Victim politicisation in the UK criminal justice system
  • Violence prevention through the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme
  • Hate crime in the UK and Ireland (specifically homophobic, sectarian, homeless and gender-based)
  • Implementing and evaluating gender-based violence prevention initiatives
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I convene the following undergraduate modules: SO536 Criminal Justice in Modern Britain, SO533 Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice and SO747 Issues in Criminology: The Inside Out Programme as well as the SO830 Gender and Crime in a Globalised World postgraduate module.

As part of my commitment to creative learning methods, I employ a variety of approaches to enhance students’ experiences and promote their engagement with experts, activists, volunteers and others working in the criminal justice or community voluntary sectors.

I also supervise several PhD students researching in and around the areas of gender, sexuality and/or victimisation. I am happy to hear from potential PhD applicants regarding their proposals in these areas.


  • Robin Rose Breetveld (2017 - ) How bisexual individuals experience feelings of belonging within designated social spaces for sexual minorities.
  • Emma Cooke (2016 - ) The changing occupational terrain of the legal aid lawyer in times of precariousness.
  • Leah Cleghorn (2016 - ) Victims’ access to justice in a post-colonial and matrifocal society: A Trinidad & Tobago case study.
  • Vanisha Jassal (2016 - ) Female intra-familial child sexual abuse within the British South Asian population.
  • Jorge Castaneda Ochoa (2015 - ) Exploring masculinities and violence in a Mexican lap-dancing club.
  • Carolina Furusho (2015 - ) Vulnerability, victimisation and the practice of human rights courts: an interdisciplinary approach.
  • Rachel Stuart (2015 - ) How webcamming is experienced by female performers as a form of sexual commerce.


  • Brian Frederick (2014 – 2016) “Exploring the (Sub)Cultural Dynamics of Gay, Bisexual and Queer Male Drug use in Cyberspace”

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I am happy to provide an expert criminological / victimological opinion, having done so regularly in the past for various publications, radio stations and television programmes.

The following is a lecture on domestic violence prevention
(a Think Kent video, 2016)

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