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Jul 14
09:30 - 16:00
Arts Fundraising Camp with Fundraising UK
One Day Event for Fundraisers

Hosted by the School of Music & Fine Art with Fundraising UK, (and the first time this event has taken place in Medway), this is a fantastic opportunity for local and regional arts professionals and fundraisers to learn, share good practice and network.  Spend a day learning, talking about and maybe even solving the issues and challenges you face in your fundraising. Learn from other arts and culture fundraisers, find out how they've dealt with similar problems, and share your experience.

Make some useful contacts and enjoy a very practical day of sharing arts and culture fundraising advice. Think of it as those often valuable networking chat sessions you have at normal conferences but for a whole day!

Experts: Each Fundraising Camp invites local fundraising, business, philanthropy or grantmaking experts to help ensure we've got even more practical fundraising knowledge and experience available at the event.

No tents involved: Fundraising Camp is a one-day 'unconference'-style event for fundraisers, the first series of its kind for fundraisers in the UK. An unconference is an unstructured conference: there are no set speakers and no set topics. As a participant you are invited to suggest a topic at the beginning of the day. It could be something you know about, it could be a problem or a question you have and you want help on.

Be prepared to speak on it - not with a Powerpoint or anything like that (but let us know if you want to). When we all agree the topic sessions at the beginning of the day, chances are there will be others who can join you in the session.

Fundraising Camp is informal and relentlessly practical. No-one is coming to judge the quality of how you present. Everyone will be there wanting to improve their fundraising.

Sessions: The day will be planned out between us in the first half-hour. After that, there will be two, three or four short sessions (30 -45 mins) at any one time running throughout the day.

Go to the ones that interest you most. If it's not quite right for you, you're allowed to leave and go to another session. (Try doing that at a regular formal conference!).

We encourage participants in each session to take notes of what gets shared and learned, and then for these to be shared online - as a blog post, a video, a photo, or send it to us at UK Fundraising if you prefer.

Limited number of FREE tickets for University of Kent staff, students and alumni. Please contact to reserve yours. 

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Open to Everyone,

See booking link.  Limited number of FREE tickets for University of Kent staff, students and alumni.  Please contact to reserve yours. 

Contact: Jane Seaman
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