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Dr Markus Bindemann

Reader in Psychology

Stage 2+ Chief Examiner
PGR Progression and Monitoring Lead
ECR Co-ordinator

Dr Markus Bindemann

Grants and awards

2019-22 Leverhulme Trust Research Grant
‘Face detection by humans’. With Rob Jenkins , University of York, UK.
2019-22 ESRC Research Grant
'Person identification at passport control within realistic context'. With Mike Burton and Cade McCall, University of York, UK.
2018-19 British Academy Visiting Fellowship
'The construct validity of forensic face-matching ability'. With Andrea Hildebrandt, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Universitaet, Germany.
2017 University of Guelph-Humber Research Grant Fund
'Critical examination of configural processing in familiar face recognition'. With Adam Sandford, University of Guelph-Humber, Canada.
$6,507 (Canadian)
2016-17 British Academy UK's International Challenges Grant
'Does Brexit trigger racism? An experiment among British and European residents in the UK'. With Fernanda Lopez, University of Kent.
2016-17 Faculty Research Fund, University of Kent
'Avoidance of eye-contact in social anxiety: An eye-tracking study'. With Lydia Kearney, University of Kent.
2016-17 Faculty Research Fund, University of Kent
'The eyes have it: Pupillary response as a measure of self-identification for forensic settings'. With Amir-Homayoun Javadi, University of Kent.
2013 Faculty Internationalisation Fund, University of Kent
UG and PG recruitment in Norway.
2013 Research Seed Fund, University of Kent
'The Kent Face Matching Test'.
2012 National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers (NOTA) Research Grant
'Comparing multiple indirect measures of sexual interest with an implicit but direct eye-tracking and pupil dilation paradigm'. With Caolite Ó Ciardha, University of Kent.
2011 Faculty Small Grant, University of Kent
'Recognising different photo-ID cards of the same person'.
2009 Research Promotion Fund, University of Essex
'Individual variation and observer consistency in unfamiliar face identification'.
2009 Knowledge Transfer Innovation Fund, University of Essex
'Establishing Café Scientifique'.
2007-09 ESRC research grant
'Human face detection in natural scenes'. With Mike Burton, University of Glasgow, UK.
2007 Wellcome Trust Value in People (VIP) Award
'Controlling attention to faces'.
2001 ESRC Postgraduate Studentship
'The role of attention in face processing'. University of Glasgow, UK.
2016-19 ESRC +3 Studentship, Hannah Tummon. £56,185
2015-18 ESRC +3 Studentship, Natalie Gentry. £55,274
2012 EPS Undergraduate Research Bursary
'Gaze-contingent elimination of attention biases in smokers'. With Julien LeBlond.
2012 BPS Undergraduate Research Assistantship
'Can a gaze-contingent eye-tracking paradigm reverse undesirable attention biases in smokers?'. With Julien LeBlond.
2011-15 Thai Royal Government 1+3 Studentship, Kaewmart Pongakkasira. £102,094
2010-14 Saudi Arabia Government 1+3 Studentship, Hamood Alenezi. £100,996
2010 EPS Undergraduate Research Bursary
'Examining the two-perpetrator disadvantage in eyewitness identification'. With Katherine Gillatt.
2008 EPS Undergraduate Research Bursary
'Interactions of eye-gaze and facial expression'. With Nicola Forsberg.

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