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The Kent Face Matching Test



The Kent Face Matching Test (KFMT) is a published resource that provides a challenging test of 1-to-1 face matching (Fysh, M. C. & Bindemann, M. (2018) The Kent Face Matching Test. British Journal of Psychology, 109, 219-231). Stimulus pairs in this test consist of a combination of controlled high-quality face photographs and relatively unconstrained face photographs from student identity-cards. The KFMT is designed to complement existing resources, such as the best-case scenario provided by the Glasgow Face Matching Test (GFMT; see Burton, A. M., White, D., & McNeill, A. (2010). The Glasgow Face Matching Test. Behavior Research Methods, 42, 286-291), by providing a face matching test that is robustly more difficult at a group and an individual level.

Construction of the KFMT was funded by a Research Seed Fund grant from the University of Kent to Markus Bindemann, and a subsequent GTA scholarship to Matthew C. Fysh. The KFMT is freely available for download from this website for face-matching research. If you use the KFMT for your research, or any of its constituent stimuli, then please cite the paper that describes it.


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