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We look forward to welcoming you!

Congratulations on securing your place at Kent. We hope you're excited about joining us!

What now?

There are seven pre-arrival steps you must complete as a new student:

  • Complete enrolment
  • Activate your Kent IT Account
  • Arrange to pay your fees
  • Choose/review your modules
  • Prepare documents for registration
  • Apply for accommodation, if you haven't already
  • Complete the Expect Respect@kent module

You'll need to come back to this page to complete each step. The Getting Started at Kent booklet (pdf) will also guide you through the process.

Student Support and Wellbeing

We encourage all new students who have additional support needs to contact us before the beginning of the academic year.

Don't forget!

Once you've enrolled, don't forget to join our official Facebook group, Kent Freshers' 2018

Complete the pre-arrival process:

Once your place has been confirmed, we'll let you know when you can enrol. Enrolment is usally available from 1 August.

We'll email you when your Kent IT Account is ready. You should receive your email within three working days after enrolling.

The method of payment is dependent on who is responsible for your tuition fees.

Online module registration for new undergraduates will open on Monday 20 August. Postgraduates will be contacted by their School

See our Documents FAQ if you're unsure what documents you need to bring with you.

Offers of University accommodation, including Clearing accommodation offers, will be sent from 20 August. Apply for accommodation now, if you haven't already.

Our Expect Respect@kent module, introduces the Student Charter, Dignity at Study Policy and other information about our support services.

We have an experienced team of professional support assistants, counsellors, advisers and mentors.