Postgraduate study is a big step up from undergraduate level. Your application must prove you have the ability, passion and commitment for further study in your chosen subject.

Applying for a taught programme

Most taught degrees begin in September although some may start at other times of the year. Please check when your course starts by looking at the programme's webpage.

There is no fixed application deadline for applications from home/EU students, though we strongly recommend you apply as soon as possible; no later than three months before your intended start date.

For international students, the deadline for applications is 31 July 2017.

Applying for a research programme

We strongly recommended you contact the Director of Graduate Studies in the school where you wish to study. If you have a supervisor in mind, you should also contact him or her directly to discuss your research proposal.

School or staff contact details can be found on the school's website or alternatively you can use our 'Find a supervisor' search to look up academics.

This is an important part of the application process as we must be confident that we can provide you with suitable supervision, support, training and facilities. The University must also be satisfied that you have the necessary qualifications and experience.

This early discussion also allows you and the Director of Graduate Studies/your potential supervisor to explore funding opportunities.

Although there is no fixed closing deadline for applications to research degrees, we strongly recommend that you apply as soon as possible; no later than three months before your intended start date.

Research degree registration normally takes place in either September or January so you are able to take advantage of our induction programme.

How to apply online

  • Look up your course on our course finder
  • Click on the 'apply' tab and select the programme you wish to study.

You are then taken to an online application form which guides you through the application process. On the application form, you are asked to:

  • explain your reasons for study/outline your research proposal (for research programmes)
  • provide details/evidence of your qualifications
  • provide two academic references
  • provide other personal information and supporting documentation.

You can save and return to your application at any time. Please ensure all supporting documents are submitted with your application.