Your future

Your future

Create your own career pathway with postgraduate study or research at Kent.

Want to stand out in a competitive job market? Are you looking to gain a professional qualification or give your career change a kick-start? Whatever your ambitions for your future, a postgraduate qualification from Kent can help you achieve them.

Here are some success stories from our postgraduate students.

From postgrad student to Lead Animator

Computer Animation graduate El Suliman has built a highly successful career in animation and his work now plays in cinemas around the world.

His Master’s in Computer Animation gave him a real understanding of the field, where it has come from and the skills that were needed to succeed. 


A graduate degree is, without any doubt, an important part of the package that employers are looking for. Having a degree from a well-respected institution certainly adds value to the CV.

Paul Brooks, International Conflict and Security Senior Consultant at Deloitte Belgium

Take your ambition further.

Stay on at Kent after your undergraduate degree to pursue exciting areas in your field, engage with leading thinkers and make a difference.

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As a postgraduate student, you develop many of the skills that employers look for. In particular you expand your critical thinking, research and problem-solving skills making you an ideal candidate for roles that require input at a strategic level.

We're here to help you plan, not just for your first job, but for the career that follows.