Professor Tim Hopthrow

Professor of Social Psychology,
Head of School
+44 (0)1227 823951
Professor Tim Hopthrow


Dr Tim Hopthrow is a Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Kent.

Research interests

Tim is interested in small group performance and decision making, especially in the context of co-operative behaviour in social dilemmas, as well as the effects of alcohol consumption on group performance.

Key publications

  • Meleady, R., Hopthrow, T., & Crisp, R.J. (2013). Simulating social dilemmas: Promoting cooperative behavior through imagined group discussion. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology104, 839-853.
  • Meleady, R., Hopthrow, T., & Crisp, R.J. (2013). The group discussion effect: Integrative processes and suggestions for implementation. Personality and Social Psychology Review17, 56-71.
  • Zagefka, H., Noor, M., Brown, R., Randsley de Moura, G., & Hopthrow, T. (2011) Donating to disaster victims: Responses to natural and humanly caused events. European Journal of Social Psychology, 41, 353-363.
  • Hopthrow, T., & Abrams, D. (2010). Group transformation: How demonstrability promotes intra-group cooperation in social dilemmas. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 46, 799-803.



Current research students

  • Hirotaka Imada: TBA
  • Laura Spear: Indicators of identity: understanding individuals from the perspective of their group memberships

Past research students

  • Dr Lynsey Mahmood: Moments of state mindfulness: Development of an online tool and its application to social judgements
  • Dr Rose Meleady: Simulating social dilemmas: Promoting cooperative behaviour through imagined group discussion
  • Dr Dawn H Nicholson: Unlocking the benefits of group diversity: applying the power of the premortem  


Additional responsibilities

  • STEM Ambassador

Grants and Awards

2016T. Hopthrow & G. Randsley de Moura
A mindfulness intervention to reduce the detrimental impact of stereotype threat on children's academic performance
British Academy
2013T. Hopthrow
King Baudouin Foundation
Contribution to the Training and Research for Academic Newcomers (TRAIN)
2013T. Hopthrow & D. Abrams
Mental Simulation to Improve Influence
2012T. Hopthrow, D. Abrams & D. Sharma
Group processes and intergroup relations in defence and security.
2012M. Weick, T. Hopthrow, D. Abrams & P. Taylor-Gooby
Risk Perception and Behaviour in Business: What We Know and What We Need to Know.
2011N. Hooper, T. Hopthrow & U. Weger
Ideas Factory, University of Kent 
Using mindfulness to improve decision making and well being
2009T. Hopthrow & U. Weger
Leverhulme Trust 
Practising mindfulness as a strategy to prevent premature judgements
2007-2008T. Hopthrow
Post-doctoral fellowship An investigation into meta-cognition of social dilemmas and cooperative environmental behaviour
2005-2006T. Hopthrow, G. Randsley de Moura & G. T. Viki
Social Sciences Faculty, University of Kent
Mortality Salience and Cultural Heritage
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