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Postgraduate opportunities

As a postgraduate student at the Centre for Music and Audio Technology, you become part of our specialist community, exchanging ideas and developing your own creative and intellectual interests, informed by expert academic staff.

Don't forget to check our postgraduate funding options, you may be eligible to apply for a CHASE scholarship or our GTA Scheme.

Research proposal guidance

If you are considering undertaking a PhD at the Centre, we recommend taking a look at our staff profiles and areas of research. Your PhD application must include a proposal of no more than four sides of A4, which explains how your work will connect with and contribute to our existing research.

Your research proposal must include the following:

  • your research questions
  • your proposed research methods
  • the background to your research and current work in the field
  • your suggested schedule of work, in outline
  • your proposed contribution to the work of our research group environment
  • a bibliography of existing texts in the field of your proposed research.

Postgraduate courses