Kent Law School is widely recognised as a world leader in critical and interdisciplinary scholarship including socio-legal studies, law and humanities, critical legal studies and feminist theory.

We place law in its wider social, political and historical contexts, and attend to a wide range of thematic and geographical areas.

We are renowned in particular for our attention to the role of law in creating, challenging and perpetuating social and global inequalities. 

We want our research to make meaningful contributions within and beyond academia, locally, nationally and internationally. So we collaborate with academics and non-academics across the globe and across disciplines; rigorously developing and sharing conceptual, empirical and normative insights to advance our understanding of the life of law.

Our success in achieving that aim is due not only to the excellence of our individual researchers, but also to our challenging and supportive research culture. That success is reflected in our securing of research funding, prizes and awards; in external assessments such as the Research Excellence Framework where Kent Law School is ranked 2nd in the UK; and in our ability to attract outstanding international visitors and research students.

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