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Research with Impact

Creating a sustainable tomorrow through our world-class research.


Looking forward.

Our world-class academics influence management strategies and practices world-wide through our outstanding research projects and direct involvements with industry. We address some of the biggest challenges of our time such as sustainability and responsible leadership to drive progress and create better business globally.

At its core, our research strategy is about sustainable innovation - a theme that Kent Business School embodies in all areas. We want to answer the big questions - how can innovation that enables sustainable long-term economic growth be created and supported? How can sustainable business practices improve environmental and social conditions? These are the problems we are here to solve.

We are global leaders advancing knowledge through constant collaboration and promotion of innovative research. We collaborate with local, national and international business, but we don't stop there. We have forged partnerships with other academic institutions and organisations such as the NHS. This wider focus allows us to advance towards our goal of a sustainable tomorrow. 

Daring and Innovative

Our researchers carry out daring and innovative research, addressing the biggest challenges we face today.  


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