Professor Shaomin Wu

Professor in Business/Applied Statistics
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Professor Shaomin Wu


Professor Shaomin Wu received his PhD and MSc in Applied Statistics. Before moving to the University of Kent, he was a senior lecturer in risk and decision analysis at Cranfield University. He was a research fellow in machine learning at Bristol University. 

Shaomin has six years’ industry experience. He was a senior data analyst in a company in Shanghai after his PhD graduation and a senior data analyst in a credit card company in the UK. 

Shaomin serves on the editorial boards of six journals including:

  • Reliability Engineering and System Safety
  • IMA Journal of Management Mathematics

He has co-chaired 4 international conferences, has been invited to act as scientific committee members by more than 30 international conferences, has edited 7 journal special issues, and has published more than 90 papers in scholarly journals.

Shaomin was honoured to be within the top 2% Ranking of Scientists in the World by Stanford University.

Shaomin has also won research funding from the EPSRC as the PI and a Co-I, respectively, and undertook a research project funded by the ESRC as a co-investigator. 

Research interests

Shaomin has considerable experience in a range of research areas, including:

  • Recurrent Event Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning 
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Analysis

In applied stochastic processes, he has published papers in recurrent event survival analysis with potential applications in physical asset management such as infrastructure maintenance planning and engineering system diagnostics. 

In Machine Learning, he is interested in development of performance measures of classification models and development of forecasting models in industrial data analytics, such as warranty/insurance claims analysis. 

In Risk Analysis, he participated in an EPSR project on human reliability analysis, with applications to drinking water systems. He has also conducted research in weak-link analysis and engineering reliability systems. 

In Security Analysis, he has co-authored several papers on development of attack and defence strategies.


Professor Wu has teaching experience in various subjects such as Statistical Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Risk Management, and Reliability Engineering in higher education institutions. He also teaches computing languages such as R and SQL. 


He welcomes applicants with a background relating to computing sciences or statistics.

Supervision topics: 

  • Industrial Data Analytics 
  • Applied Stochastic Processes
  • Reliability Mathematics 
  • Human reliability analysis

Current Supervisees

  • Jiaqi Yin: Maintenance Policies for a System with Multiple Deterioration Processes
  • Guanjiang Wan: Performance Evaluation for Funds with Lock-up Periods
  • Tianhui Gong: Academic impact evaluation in big data era
  • Jinhao Xie: Managing risk and uncertainty of extended warranty servicing

Past supervisees

  • Yu Ye: Developing and Managing Performance Tree - A New Performance Management Framework (Kent Business School)
  • Ahmed Aljazea: Warranty Risk Management for the Consumer Durable Manufacturers (Kent Business School)
  • Darshana Sabhi Appanna: Reliability Modeling for Asset Management in the Southeast Water (Kent Business School)
  • Ming Luo: Learning from the Actuarial Science Modelling Methods to Improve Warranty Data Analysis (Kent Business School)
  • Yi Zheng: Theory and Action Research on a new Framework and Approach of Performance Management (Kent Business School)
  • Bin Liu: Reliability analysis and maintenance optimisation for complex systems (Bin was a visiting PhD student from the City University of Hong Kong)
  • Sheraz Malik: Optimising supermarket promotions of fast moving consumer goods using disaggregated sales data: A case study of Tesco and their small and medium sized suppliers (Kent Business School)
  • Yanhong Tang: Transboundary environmental risk management based on multi-network collaborative theory (Yanhong was a visiting student from Harbin Institute of Technology, China)
  • Mohammad Asgaryan: Prediction of the remaining service life of superheater and reheater tubes in coal/biomass fired power plants (Cranfield University)
  • Martyn Davies: Modelling Fireside Corrosion of Heat Exchanger (Cranfield University)


Shaomin is a visiting professor of Shangdong University of Finance and Economics, China (since 2017), and was a visiting professor to Hong Kong Baptist University. 

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