Jiaqi Yin

Research Student


  • Runner up in the poster session for the Kent Business School PhD Conference, 2020

Research interests

Maintenance Policies for a System with Multiple Deterioration Processes.

Condition-based maintenance (CbM) aims to optimize the maintenance policy to get more financial benefit and ensure the reliability and security of the systems. With the development of sensors and computer technologies, how to use real-time data to help design a CbM policy which is much close to the real situation better become an issue.
Objectives in this study include:

  • to perform a critical and comprehensive literature review in CbM for a system with multiple deterioration processes
  • to analyse the dependence between deterioration processes
  • to develop novel maintenance policies for a system with multiple deterioration processes
  • to investigate the mathematical properties of combinations of multiple deterioration processes.

This research project proposes a new framework which considers dependence analysis as a core part for CbM. The dependence analysis aims to explore the relationship between multiple components and multiple failure modes respectively. 

Therefore, main knowledge gaps of CbM in this research are mainly concentrated in these aspects: maintenance policy and dependence analysis. The former considers more complex situation such as a joint maintenance of a group of components with different repair level. This is useful to provide a flexible CbM policy. The latter can make the CbM model closer to the reality.



1st Supervisor's Research Group 

Management Science

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