My Turkish Year in Industry: 'I have made connections for life'

Henry Knight is a BSc International Business student working a Year in Industry abroad, in Turkey for a natural gas company TNBG as a Commercial Analyst.  In the midst of his placement with the firm, we caught up with Henry to find out more…

‘I was really thrilled to have a Year in industry somewhere so unique as Turkey. The prospect of living abroad and gaining work experience at the same time was attractive – especially with my degree being in International Business.

Before I flew out, the team at TNBG and I came to an agreement that as part of the placement, I would be able to begin to study for a qualification as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA Level 1) which I really didn’t expect! It’s a lot of work, but an excellent opportunity to boost my CV.

I was nervous on my way there – moving to a new country and not speaking the language felt a bit overwhelming, but I relished the opportunity to do something different.

The first few days were quite relaxed – some dinners and meetings to get to know the team. I found out the basics of gas and how it is seen as a transitional option in sustainability, a middle ground between coal and renewable energy.

Over the first few weeks, I was fortunate to go and observe the technical side of the business watching many interesting operations. Experiencing, first hand, the work the business does from both the drilling side as well as the production and completion.

An image of gas drilling at the firm Henry is taking his placement at
Henry has been able to observe technical operations within the firm, like drilling.

After that I was introduced to the main part of my role – analytics. This is a job function I am keen to get into.  I love the idea of using technical data to improve how a business operates.

Here, I was able to apply some of my learning at KBS within this work straight away. Module Emerging Markets had already provided me with a good understanding of how businesses operate in other countries. I knew the technical side through my learnings in Financial Accounting and Reporting, so I was able to get on quickly within the role.

I love the work but my highlights have to be the food, the people and the culture – everyone has been so accepting and accommodating. I have made connections for life – ones which will last beyond my placement, and I am so grateful for this.

If you’re thinking of doing an overseas placement, grab the opportunity with both hands! I get homesick, I miss the UK sometimes and it can be a struggle with the language barriers, but I know I am also gaining so much.

Being able to apply and learn knowledge in a completely new industry has been amazing. This sector is fast-growing and I’ve been able to interact and network with some really big players!

For the final stages of this adventure, I look forward to learning even more and starting to feel part of this industry. I am also enthusiastic about returning to university to apply this knowledge in my final year of studies at Kent Business School.’

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