IT safety and security


Internet safety and data security

PC/Mac security

To connect at Kent you need to optimise your virus protection:

  1. Get current virus protection (free software)
  2. Protect your device from Malware
  3. Protect your accounts
  4. Get security updates
  5. Disable file sharing

Is your machine infected?

  • Disconnect from the University network immediately
  • Run a security scan with your anti-virus software
  • Don't use the University network until you have a clean anti-virus report

How to avoid losing your data:

  • Be suspicious of email links and attachments - don't click links or attached files if you have any doubts about validity - it may be a very good fake
  • Make frequent back up copies! This is your best defence against loss:
    • Use your space on the network from your PC/Mac both on and off campus
    • Use a USB stick, external hard drive, or a service like Dropbox/Skydrive etc
    • Calendarise it: put a regular reminder in your calendar so you can't forget

This is important - if you fall prey to Cryptolocker you are unlikely to get your data back.

Phone/tablet security

If your device is lost or stolen

  1. Report it to Campus Watch and the local police to get a crime number
  2. Change your IT Account password and bank, credit cards, PayPal, iTunes, email
  3. Activate tracking software (if installed)
  4. For phones, send a remote wipe signal to remove your data:
    Login to your email from the web. Go to Settings > Options > Phone > Wipe Device
  5. Contact your phone network provider and ask them to block your device
  6. If registered with a personal property register advise them of the loss

Don't kill your device

Use a safe charger or travel adaptor. We can give your charger an electrical safety test.

More security tips

Online security and privacy


By using the Kent network you're agreeing to abide by our IT regulations.


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