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Report a concern about a Kent blog

If you report a concern about material on a Kent blog, we'll consider taking down the material.

To report your concern or issue

Email with these details:

  • a link to the page displaying the material you're concerned about
  • if you think the content should be removed, tell us what the content is and why
  • your contact details
  • if it's a copyright issue: if you're the rights holder or their authorised representative, please give evidence of this.

Grounds for complaint

Complaints may be from:

  • the owner or representative of the owner with intellectual property rights in all or part of the resource
  • the creator of all or part of the resource who has moral rights
  • an individual or organisation who believes the material is in some way illegal.

Complaints should include notice of:

  • unauthorised use of protected material (by reproducing and/or making it available)
  • breach of a moral right (e.g. paternity/integrity/right not to have work subjected to derogatory treatment)
  • issues on grounds other than copyright and/or related rights (e.g. defamation, breach of confidence, data protection).

On receipt of complaint

When we get a complaint, we will acknowledge receipt and make an initial assessment of the validity of the complaint.

Where the complaint is valid, we will:

  • temporarily remove the content pending an agreed solution.
  • contact the contributor of the material to inform and encourage them to address the complainant's concerns.
  • spend a reasonable amount of time mediating between the complainant and the contributor to resolve the issue swiftly and amicably so that both parties are satisfied.

If we can't resolve the issue through mediation, we'll choose one of these outcomes:

  • blog material doesn't need to be changed, and so is re-published as it was
  • blog material is re-published with changes or restricted access
  • blog material is permanently removed from blogs.kent.




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Last Updated: 22/03/2018