Pre-sessional FAQs

Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about the Pre-sessional courses.

FAQ list

You will need a laptop to study both for the on-campus and online courses. Our on-campus students will be using their laptops in class in order to access a number of the teaching materials and resources.  For studying an online/remote Pre-sessional course, a laptop or desktop computer with a camera and sound, or earphones is required. A very good internet connection is also vital for accessing your materials and attending your live seminars. Students are also advised to study in a quiet area, with no background noise.

Further details on the requirements for the online course are available here.

To support your application, you will need the following:

  • Your English language test certificate. 
  • Passport data page.
  • Any previous UK visas.

Please upload colour copies of these to your application via the ‘Documents’ section.

Yes, as long as you meet the entry requirement of your main programme. However, a Pre-sessional course does not guarantee automatic progression: you must meet the required exit level in your final assessments on the Pre-sessional. This level is set by the academic school that provides the course you wish to progress to.

No, you will sit our own exam at the end of the course; this is called the KITE (Kent International Test of English) and it covers reading, writing, speaking and listening. KITE has been designed to test students’ academic language skills for the purpose of study at the University of Kent. The accessible format and structure allow candidates to apply their language skills to authentic academic situations. 

A warning note on your conditional offer letter means that some components of your English language level are slightly lower than the entry level for a specific Pre-sessional course. You will need to work harder to raise the level of these  components in order to meet the standard needed to progress to your chosen degree programme at the end of the Pre-sessional course. 

A Pre-sessional course does not guarantee automatic progression to a degree programme. You must meet the required standard in your final assessments on the Pre-sessional course. This standard is set by the academic school that provides the degree you wish to progress to.

If you are privately funded, please use the online store to pay. This is the most secure and quickest method. 

If you are sponsored, you will need to provide a financial support letter from your sponsor, stating your name, the title of the specific pre-sessional course you have applied for, the course dates and the amount awarded to you. You will need to upload this document with your application. 

To make your offer unconditional, we need to receive your payment or sponsorship letter. 

Preferably not. Each course follows an intensive learning syllabus which means that even the shortest break could affect your chances of passing. We strongly advise you against missing any of the course. However, there may be exceptional circumstances, which we will deal with on a case-by-case basis.

The class size varies according to the total number of students we have applying for the course. Sizes can range from 12 to 18 students per class. We try not to allocate more than 18 students to any class.

You must email us at as soon as you know that you will not be attending the course. A £250 administration fee will be retained from your full payment. 

A combined CAS is one document covering both the Pre-sessional course and the main programme of study.

No, you do not need a visa for an online Pre-sessional course as you will be studying the course outside of the UK. You will receive a CAS after successful completion of your pre-​sessional course and need to apply for a visa from your home country  before coming to the UK for your main programme of study.

No. If you applied for a visa with a combined CAS and were successful, you should have entry ​clearance in the UK to study both your pre-sessional course and your main programme of study.

No. If you are intending to be in the UK, you must study the Pre-sessional course in-person.    

The University of Kent offers a combined CAS for eligible students who have applied for the 6-week and 10 Week Pre-Sessional English Programme. You must have met all conditions of your offer except English Language to be eligible for a combined CAS. This means that if you are a Postgraduate student and you have not paid your tuition fee deposit, you will not be eligible for a combined CAS. Please ensure you pay your tuition fee deposit for your main programme of study if you intend to obtain a combined CAS.    

Yes. A combined CAS can be withdrawn from a student on the Pre-sessional course if the student fails to meet the English language requirements for their main programme of study    

Yes. During the student induction you will be given a lot of important information about the course.

The Pre-sessional courses are intensive and require a lot of independent study time outside of your live seminars/classes to complete materials and work on assessments. We strongly advise NOT to work or study another course while studying on a Pre-sessional course. Students who have done this, have not successfully completed the Pre-sessional course or progressed to their main programme of study.     

Aside from the obvious, an online Pre-sessional course requires more independent self-study and less time in seminars. You have to be very disciplined to study an online course and manage your time well. Students studying online have more individual and group tutorials with their teachers.     

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