Community and support

Community and support

Support yourself and your colleagues to build our research community

Help us as we work to implement the Concordat principle relating to environment and culture. 

“Excellent research requires a supportive and inclusive research culture.”

Kent is committed to the Concordat aim of creating “the healthy and supportive culture needed to ensure our researchers are given every opportunity to thrive and realise their potential.” Our vision is that all academic and research staff feel supported by the University and their colleagues and are able to flourish.

Networking is not just about professional development

Engage with your peers and colleagues locally, and in the wider UK and global academic community to reap the rewards of collective engagement and learn from others for the benefit of all. Invest in developing relationships and building networks also benefits your professional development and career progression.

Networks enable you to share practice, knowledge and information in a focused and mutually supportive environment. Whether virtual or face-to-face, formal or informal, such collaborative opportunities can be invaluable to you and the research communities in which you operate. 

Increase your impact and raise your personal profile

If you are a member of a useful network, please don’t keep this to yourself. Spread the word and watch the network grow to the benefit of all members.


The University is committed to promoting “a healthy working environment that supports researchers’ wellbeing and mental health”.  

Measures are being put in place to improve the research culture across the sector, and institutions including Kent are taking steps to address systemic issues which may impact on researchers’ wellbeing. Initiatives include “greater use of open-ended contracts” and the introduction of more flexible and family-friendly working patterns. 

The University highly values the wellbeing and health of all its staff and provides a wide range of resources to encourage you to look after yourself and others. 

Don’t be a stranger!

Reach out if you feel you need help or would appreciate some advice. Lots of support is available.

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