Employee Assistance Programme:

Care first / Sodexho

The University highly values the wellbeing and health of its staff.  It chooses to provide an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) as a major way to show this commitment.  Its chosen provider is Care first/ Sodexho.

What is an EAP? 

  • An EAP is as an arrangement put in place by an employer which provides a variety of support mechanisms for its employees
  • An EAP is an externally positioned resource which help employees with problems that originate both in and outside the workplace
  • EAP provision at work started in the 1970s
  • Since then EAPs have evolved to give advice on a variety of life problems such as mental and physical health, marital problems, legal issues, debt advice, caring responsibilities, benefit entitlements and consumer rights 

EAP: Important Facts

  • All EAP communications and consultations are completely confidential between you and the EAP.  The same confidentiality applies to any additional support provided or organised for you by the EAP, e.g. counselling
  • You contact the EAP directly; you do not have to go through your manager to access any of the support the EAP provides
  • EAPs provide both online and telephone support 
  • The services are provided at no cost to you; the University funds all costs associated with the EAP 


Managers can access advice on the issues they face when dealing with individual and team issues.  This information and support can be accessed via the appropriate section using the link below.

Care first’s provision also includes a Health and Wellbeing resource, Zest.  This provides thorough advice on all aspects of wellbeing, including self-assessment.  It can be accessed via the Care first home web page, as below.

You can safely access the EAP through this link and use these details:

USERNAME: uokent |PASSWORD: university

The Freephone number for the service is 0808 168 2143

Further Information

If you want to read further details on Care first’s EAP provision, you’ll find that by accessing the other tabs in this section