Training and Development

The University is committed to supporting your academic and research career, and offers a wide range of opportunities to encourage the development of transferable skills, personal growth and career progression within and beyond Kent.

Invest in your continuing professional development

As a signatory of the Researcher Development Concordat, the University has pledged to provide "opportunities, structured support, encouragement and time for researchers to take ownership of their career, identifying opportunities to work towards career goals, including engaging in a minimum of 10 days professional development pro rata per year.” 

Kent also encourages all researchers to “develop their research identity and broader leadership skills”. 

Kent training  

Take advantage of the range of local possibilities  

Use a training framework

Central training for academic and research staff is mapped to Kent’s Academic Career Map (ACM) and the VITAE Researcher Development Framework (RDF). Both frameworks provide guidance to support the career development and progression of academic and research staff at Kent and elsewhere in the sector. You can use them to assess necessary competencies for relevant career stages and to plan your future development accordingly.

External training 

Investigate numerous external sources 

Investigate our resources

Investing in your career requires dedicated effort. Check out our resources section for inspiration and assistance.

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