Academic and Research Staff, University of Kent

Academic and Research Staff, University of Kent

Academic and research staff

The Graduate and Researcher College informs and supports Kent's researchers

The Graduate and Researcher College (GRC) aims to deliver the University’s strategy to support all staff who research in their professional and career development. With an expanded remit since October 2020, the GRC encourages staff, as well as postgraduate researchers, to develop their research careers. This includes, but is not limited to, Early Career Researchers.   

The GRC works with staff in the Divisions and Professional Service Departments to coordinate a range of initiatives for researchers. This includes liaising with colleagues to organise and publicise a range of training and development opportunities for academic and research staff at all stages of the academic lifecycle.

Building on Kent’s commitment to the Concordat principle of ‘environment and culture’, the GRC is working to strengthen the existing network of support for researchers across Kent and is now responsible for the Early Career Researcher Network (ECRN).

New communication channels have been created and the provision of targeted information and material for researchers is being enhanced via our new resources section, which offers links to a vast range of Kent and external content to view on demand.

Academic and Research Staff, University of Kent


Discover our plans for the next steps in researcher development  


We know both the demands of academic life and the value of effective support for research. We're committed to working with you to build a community that pursues new knowledge which can help to change the world we live in.

Academic and Research Staff, University of Kent

Training and Development

The University is committed to supporting your academic and research career, and offers a wide range of opportunities to encourage the development of transferable skills, personal growth and career progression within and beyond Kent. Invest in your continuing professional development.  

Academic and Research Staff, University of Kent

Community and support

Support yourself and your colleagues to build our community.

Kent is committed to the Concordat aim of creating “the healthy and supportive culture needed to ensure our researchers are given every opportunity to thrive and realise their potential.”

Our vision is that all academic and research staff feel supported by the University and their colleagues and are able to flourish.

Let us know your thoughts

  Please contact the GRC if you have feedback or ideas about researcher development at Kent.