Self Referral

Standard Procedure for Self Referrals to Occupational Health


Normally most referrals to Occupational Health are either by the manager or a member of the Human Resources team.  However all members of staff are able to ‘self refer’ if they wish.  This may be in circumstances where the person is seeking initial advice, or is uncertain at that stage about discussing the matter with the line manager or Human Resources.

Self-referral appointments in OH are designed for individuals to discuss issues confidentially.  Referrals for physiotherapy or for external counselling could be organised as a result of a self-referral discussion.  A self-referral is also appropriate to request a workstation assessment.

Please be aware that the OH professional will NOT routinely send reports to the organisation, the individual's manager or HR, other than in exceptional circumstances.  The decision on whether a report is required remains the choice of the OH professional.

If you are considering contacting OH for an appointment related to adjusted duties following a period of absence due to illness or as a result of an accident or injury, please be aware that such appointments are only made following Management Referrals.  If you want to have an appointment for this reason, please discuss a Management Referral with your manager.

Further Information on Self-Referral Appointments

  • To make an appointment you should contact the Occupational Health Technician on 01227 824691 or email You will be offered an appointment with a member of the Occupational Health Team.
  • Most Occupational Health issues can only be addressed if the University and the manager are aware of the circumstances.  Staff will therefore be encouraged to discuss the issues with their line manager, Head of Department, or a Human Resources Officer.  Where appropriate an Occupational Health Nurse Advisor may be able to act as the facilitator between managers/Human Resources and the member of staff.  Without these discussions the Occupational Health Team will be limited in the support and advice that they can give.
  • All medical information is treated with the strictest confidence in accordance with Professional Codes of Conduct and will not be disclosed to managers or Human Resources without the explicit written consent of the individual unless it is deemed by the Occupational Health Service to be justified in the public interest. This is usually where disclosure is essential to protect the patient/client or someone else from the risk of significant harm, or it is required in law, or by a court order.