Fathima Zainab Riyaldeen

Fathima Zainab Riyaldeen

Fathima was a beneficiary of the Kent Refuge Fund who sought asylum in the UK in 2010. She studied Accountancy and Finance and graduated in 2019 with a First from Kent Business School.

"I was not able to apply for a student loan because of my immigration status. The Article 26 scholarship gave me the opportunity to come to this university and get a degree.

"I am the first person to go to university in my family. Without your kind donations I would not be here. Coming from a low income background the scholarship has made a massive difference to my life.

"By the time I had graduated, I knew I wanted to mentor students in my area. I live in one of London’s poorest boroughs and I hope to encourage the kids in my neighbourhood to go to university.

"The Article 26 Scholarship has literally changed my life."

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