Leaving a legacy to Kent

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Leaving a legacy

Provide opportunities for future students

Consider the University of Kent in your will

The University of Kent has shaped the lives of many students. By leaving a gift to the University in your will, you can help support future generations of students to succeed, not only in their time at Kent, but in their careers and lives ahead.

You can create your will for free through Octopus Legacy (formerly known as Guardian Angel). The process is simple and easy to follow.  Any gift size is helpful and will have an impact. To get started, simply click the "Make a Free Will" button below.

If you have any questions about the will writing process, please read our will writing guide or contact us directly.

The impact of legacies

Tackling student hardship

Students facing exceptional circumstances of hardship stay in education because of the generosity of our donors. Your supports means we can do more to support people facing the toughest of times and challenges. We cannot tell you who they are, but their words can tell you how much your support means to them.

"To receive such generosity is humbling, and especially helpful to me in my final year of study… just days from the beginning of my exams – this bursary will help me buy food, bus tickets to campus, electricity for the meter – quite literally surviving exam season!"


Jenny Richardson

Making a legacy bequest enables the gift of education to be passed on to others."

Legacy facts

  • You can remember your loved ones and also support the University of Kent with a legacy – and you can still make an impact on University life.
  • You can make a gift of any size: there is no minimum or maximum amount.
  • Even a modest percentage of the residue of your estate, after you have provided for family and friends, will make a huge difference to the University.
  • You can specify precisely where you want your money to be directed.
  • You can change your mind at any point.

By making a legacy pledge, you can make a gift to Kent and also gain financial and tax benefits for you and your family. We understand that your Will is private and you may not want to divulge details of the arrangements that you have made. However, if you wish to tell us that the University has been included in your will, we will be delighted to hear that you are supporting us, and will also be able to keep you informed in a way that suits you.

If your intended bequest is a particular item or a sum of money to be used for a specific purpose, such as a collection of books for the Templeman Library, it is helpful for us to know in advance so that we are aware of any arrangements that will need to be made.

Any donations accepted by the University of Kent in respect of a legacy will be directed according to the wishes of the donor as agreed with the University. If we cannot fulfil the wishes set out in a personal will, we will discuss the donation with the executors before proceeding to accept the gift. If a legacy is made through a will without any formal wishes against it, the donation will be directed to the University’s Kent Opportunity Fund which supports students in a variety of ways, or will be allocated to an equivalent student support fund that exists at such time.

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