The Gender Affirmation Fund is currently paused as we process new applications. We aim to provide an update as to its status w/b 19 February.

We recognise that transgender, non-binary and gender-neutral individuals face additional mental health pressures that are directly related to their gender identity.

Many of these additional stresses are directly caused by the potential misalignment between how an individual presents in terms of clothing and appearance, and their own identity. This stress can have a direct impact upon an individual’s ability to work, study and engage in their academic commitments. A significant barrier causing this misalignment is the cost of having to purchase additional items to reduce gender dysphoria.

As part of our commitment to supporting students with their mental health, the University of Kent has created the Gender Affirmation Fund. This fund is available to students who identify as transgender, non-binary or gender neutral and can be used to help support students with the costs of gender affirming items such as binders, clothing, packers, makeup, hair extensions, pouches, Stand To Pee devices, gendered religious headwear or clothing and minor cosmetic procedures such as ear piercing or for managing body hair.

Accessing The Fund

The fund is available to any student who identifies as transgender, non-binary or gender neutral and can be accessed once in their academic career. The only eligibility criteria is that you must be a registered student enrolled on any University of Kent academic programme.

We do request that you carefully research the health considerations, particularly in regards to binding and tucking and follow health and safety advice.

Please note that the fund is intended for physical items or minor cosmetic procedures (such as ear piercings or hair cuts). We cannot fund medical procedures, therapy costs, hormone costs or contribute to savings funds for surgical procedures.

The maximum amount that can be applied for is £100.  

Privacy Notice

Applications are emailed directly to the Student EDI mailbox, which can only be accessed by the Student EDI Officer based in Student Services. Once approved, your personal details are then transferred to an F2 (banking) form and sent to our Finance Department for processing alongside all other student payments. 

All applications are treated in the strictest confidence and funds are released directly to your bank account once approved

You will receive a confirmation email when your application has been processed letting you know the outcome. This email will have the subject header 'Fund Application' to ensure privacy when reading.

Please note that you must have a UK bank account as we cannot transfer to an international bank account.

We will not ask you to disclose your identity, or what you want the funds for. 

We may be in contact to ask for your feedback on the impact of the fund, which helps us secure funding on an ongoing basis. You can opt out of this by ticking the relevant box on the application form. 

All applications are analysed on an annual basis to track trends such as age, ethnicity, etc. Data is anonymised and combined to allow for overall percentages to help create a picture of how and where the GA fund is being used, and where any gaps are that need to be addressed. 

Once this annual analysis has been completed the majority of your individual data is deleted, leaving only your Student ID number which is used to check against new applications (as you can only be awarded money from the fund once in your academic career at Kent). 

If you have any concerns about your privacy or this process please do email to discuss further.  

Additional Support Available

We have the following additional support in place for students who identify as transgender, gender neutral or non-binary. More information on all services can be found on the relevant pages of the Student Guide

  • Trans Student Policy and Procedure: to assist students balancing transitioning with their academic studies
  • Canterbury Trans Network: a confidential peer support group run on campus twice a month during term time.
  • LGBTQ+ Student Society: a social and support group for students run by Kent Union
  • LGBTQ+ Student Network: a campaigning and advocacy group for students run by Kent Union

Report and Support

The University takes incidents of discrimination, bullying and harassment extremely seriously. If you have been subjected to this, we would encourage you to report and get support via the Report and Support tool. 

Gender Affirmation Fund Application Form

The Gender Affirmation Fund is currently closed as we process applications. We aim to provide an update w/b 19 February

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