Support for Trans Individuals

Have you ever questioned your birth-assigned gender?

There is a free, confidential peer-support group run in Canterbury for all trans, intersex and non-binary gender people at the University of Kent. The group is independent from the University, but works closely with us and is supported by us. It is run by non-binary people for non-binary people. Family and partners are welcome. The group welcomes folk in drab (birth gender mode) or dressed (preferred gender mode). No matter how you present, you will always be addressed by your preferred name.

2023-24 Meeting Dates

The Group meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, 7-8pm.

  • 11th October - Keynes Common Room
  • 26th October - Canterbury Methodist Church
  • 8th November - Keynes Common Room
  • 22nd November - Canterbury Methodist Church
  • 13th December - Keynes Common Room
  • 28th December - Canterbury Methodist Church
  • 11th January - Keynes Common Room
  • 24th January - Canterbury Methodist Church
  • 14th February - Keynes Common Room
  • 28th February - Canterbury Methodist Church
  • 13th March - Keynes Common Room
  • 27th March - Canterbury Methodist Church
  • 10th April - Keynes Common Room
  • 24th April - Canterbury Methodist Church
  • 8th May -Keynes Common Room
  • 22nd May - Canterbury Methodist Church
  • 12th June - Keynes Common Room
  • 26th June - Canterbury Methodist Church
  • 10th July - Keynes Common Room
  • 24th July - Canterbury Methodist Church
  • 14th August - Keynes Common Room
  • 28th August - Canterbury Methodist Church

Gender Neutral Toilets

Students are free to use any toilet of their choice, gendered or non-gendered. Some locations at the Canterbury and Medway sites do offer gender neutral toilet provisions for students and staff who would prefer to use these.

Canterbury Gender Neutral Toilet Map

Medway Gender Netural Toilet Map

Gender Affirmation Fund

We recognise that transgender, non-binary and gender-neutral individuals face additional mental health pressures that are directly related to their gender identity. Many of these additional stresses are directly caused by the potential misalignment between how an individual presents in terms of clothing and appearance, and their own identity.  

As part of our commitment to supporting students with their mental health, the University of Kent has created the Gender Affirmation Fund. This fund is available to students who identify as transgender, non-binary or gender neutral and can be used to help support students with the costs of gender affirming items such as binders, clothing, packers, makeup, hair extensions, pouches, Stand To Pee devices, gendered religious headwear or clothing and minor cosmetic procedures such as ear piercing or for managing body hair.

You can apply to the fund below

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