Allyship Training and Lanyards

At Kent we offer various ways of demonstrating your Allyship.

We have two main Allyship training programmes: Inclusion Allies which focuses on support from a race perspective, and Mental Health Allies. Both programmes require attendance at training.

Lanyards and Pins are a visible representation of a commitment to a cause, used for raising awareness about one's identity, or simply to raise awareness of a particular campaign. 

At Kent we have some official lanyards and lanyard pins available that staff and students are welcome to wear either instead of their universal Kent lanyard, or alongside it. The main ones we offer are the Rainbow Lanyard for LGTBQ+ Allies and the Sunflower Lanyard, for individuals with hidden disabilities and their Allies. 

We encourage everyone who wears the LGBTQ+ Rainbow Lanyard to complete the We Stand With You questionnaire as part of their active allyship work.

Staff who have undertaken the Mental Health Allyship programme are also entitled to a pin for their lanyard.

If you don't see a lanyard available for your cause please contact us to discuss further.

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