Self-Education Resources

We view allyship as a strategic mechanism used by individuals to become collaborators, accomplices, and co-conspirators who fight injustice and promote equity in their communities and workplaces through supportive personal relationships and public acts of sponsorship and advocacy. Allies endeavour to drive systemic improvements to workplace policies, practices, and culture.

One of the key principles of allyship is not to ask people from marginalised backgrounds to take on the emotional, psychological and physical burden of having to educate people from non-marginalised backgrounds in what it means to be a good ally. The burden of increasing knowledge, understanding and skills has to fall on the person looking to become an effective ally.

In order to better enable you to develop as an ally we have collated some self-education resources to support you.

Resource Lists

Being an ally isn't just about knowing what makes a good ally, but also about being willing to learn about different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. Knowledge often comes from listening to the thoughts, perspectives and ideas of others and allowing yourself to reflect on the issues raised. In order to help you achieve this, Kent has compiled a number of resource lists to develop your knowledge and understanding and broaden your perspective and awareness of the challenges that face different groups of marginalised people. Please do feel free to explore them. 

Black History Month Resource List

Challenging Racism

Disability History Month Resource List

Disability Toolkit, Guides and Resources

LGBT History Month Resource List

Social Justice Reading List

South Asian Heritage Week Resource List

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