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Litterae Mentis: A Journal of Literary Studies 


Litterae Mentis: A Journal of Literary Studies is an interdisciplinary journal, published annually and edited by postgraduate students from the University of Kent’s School of English. LM features scholarly research from PhD and MA students, acting as a platform for students to publish their work in a critical, but supportive, peer-reviewed academic journal. LM also engages in training postgraduates in the various skills that running an academic journal requires. Therefore LM enhances both employability and the graduate experience, by being an integral part of the University of Kent’s dynamic postgraduate community.

The forthcoming volume of the journal will explore the theme of ABSENCE and the various forms it can take. How do we cope with absence? How can absence be narrated? The editors warmly invite academic submissions from English and SECL postgraduates throughout the University of Kent. The call for papers for 2017 is now open. The deadline for submission is 9th December 2017. Please follow this link for more information on submitting an abstract

For more information on the journal please visit LM’s website:  or Twitter @LitteraeMentis and if you have any questions, please contact the editors at



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