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Undergraduate courses

Innovative and challenging, our programmes cross cultures and range through history. Your first-year modules cover literary forms, theoretical approaches to literature and wider issues around identity, giving you a broad introduction to the subject. The substantial number of optional modules means that whichever programme you choose, you can focus on the areas that most interest you. 

You can choose to study:

  • Chaucer, late medieval literature, Shakespeare, 18th, 19th or 20th-century literature 
  • specific authors, such as Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy or Virginia Woolf
  • American crime fiction, Irish writing, postcolonial writing or Black writing in North America. 

Details of the modules available on specific programmes can be found by clicking on the programme links below, where you will find a link to the course structure.

You can also develop your skills as a creative writer

It is possible to add a placement year or a year abroad on all of our programmes. For instance, discover what it's like to study for a year in Madrid.

Undergraduate courses

Distant voices, new tales

The BA in English and Postcolonial Literatures looks at the phenomenon of empire and the contemporary consequences of nationhood, diaspora and migration.