External Examiner Report Submission

The University of Kent utilises an online system for submitting External Examiner Reports, known as the External Examiners Report Submission System (EERSS). This allows External Examiners of Taught Courses to view the reports that they have submitted, and the responses made to them, online for the duration of their four-year appointment.

Information for External Examiners

EERSS Update

In November 2022 EERSS was upgraded to a Power App. If you are a newly appointed External Examiner please activate your Kent IT account upon receipt of your appointment letter by changing your temporary password. You will also need to set up MFA on your Kent IT account.

External Examiners who acted prior to 2021/22 will be able to login using their Kent IT account details provided that MFA has been set up. 

When you first login to EERSS you should allow all permissions for the Power App which is part of Microsoft 365. This will enable you to access your report portal. 

Recommended browsers are Goggle Chrome or Microsoft Edge. You are advised to use an incognito window (private browsing window) when accessing the system to avoid issues with your own institution's login processes.

If you have submitted a report to Kent prior to November 2022 you will not be able to view it through the Power App but the Quality Assurance and Compliance Office is able to send you a PDF version. Requests should be sent to examiners@kent.ac.uk.  

External Examiners are expected to provide a full report of their findings within four weeks of the Board of Examiners meeting.  This report will influence the critical thinking of the Department on the future development of the course and its procedures for matters such as assessment, feedback, arrangements of the Board of Examiners, etc.

Each annual report must be completed in sufficient detail so as to be of effective use to the Department. Where a report is considered to be insufficiently complete the School concerned or the Quality Assurance and Compliance Office may request the External Examiner to revise the report.   

External examiners’ reports are not ‘reserved’ documents, unless External Examiners make a separate confidential report to the Head of Division or Vice Chancellor. External Examiners are therefore asked not to identify students by name or refer to individual cases in ways that would make the student easily recognisable (such as by reference to individual disability).  The reports will be read by a number of staff in the University/Associate College/Validated Institution.

Tips for Completing Your Report:

  1. Campus - please select a campus. (Pre-populated for External Examiners appointed to BSIS).
  2. Course - please list the course(s) to which you are appointed
  3. Examination Board Date - if you have attended more than one board please enter the date of the main awards board.
  4. Academic Year - Pre-populated to 2022/23. If you are submitting a report for an earlier year please email examiners@kent.ac.uk.
  5. Study Level - if applicable, a separate report should be submitted for UG and PGT courses.
  6. School - if applicable, you should submit a separate report for each School that you are appointed to.
  7. Home Institution - enter your details. Please email examiners@kent.ac.uk if you have recently changed institution.
  8. Report - There are 18 questions; 23 sections in total. You can preview the questions by following this link to the List of Annual Report Questions for Information.
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