This page provides information about your right to complain if you are disappointed or dissatisfied with your student experience.

CMA Related Complaints

If you have concerns about the provision of CMA Material information and/or you feel that the University of Kent has failed to comply with consumer protection laws, the complaints process is as follows:

  • applicants that have submitted an application but have not yet accepted their offer - by email to the Director of Marketing, Outreach, Recruitment & Admissions (MORA).
  • prospective students that have accepted their offer and current enrolled students - though Student Complaints process.

Complaints Procedure for Current Students

If you have concerns about your course and/or services or facilities provided by your Division or the University, you have the right to submit a complaint through the Student Complaints process.

Complaints Procedure for Applicants

Visit Admissions Complaints Policy and Procedure for more information.

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