Competition and Markets Authority

What is the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)?

The CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) is an independent non-ministerial department.

CMA compliance advice to higher education providers was introduced in 2015. Its main purpose is to outline how consumer protection law applies to the higher education sector. All higher education institutions are required to abide by the regulations of CMA.

FAQ list

Compliance with consumer law is important in giving students legal protection over the course of study and in building and maintaining confidence regarding the standards and reputation of the UK Higher Education Sector.

The CMA provides specific guidance for undergraduate courses. 

The University of Kent uses these principles to guide all published information for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

We share the CMA's view that universities should provide clear and transparent information in relation to student education. We are committed to abiding by CMA guidance by providing applicants with clear and sufficient information so they can make informed decisions regarding the course choice and place of study. In addition, we have established practices of proposing changes to material information to ensure compliance with consumer protection laws.

Here at Kent we recognise that for many (prospective) students coming to a university is once in a lifetime opportunity and we want for this phase of our student lives to be enjoyable and exciting.

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