CMA Material Information

Material information is defined as information that the applicant needs in order to make an informed decision of what and where to study. Material information must be provided in full, in all circumstances, regardless of whether the prospective student requests it.

Changes to information presented below will normally require communications with applicants and/or students.

Type of Information arrow-down Example of Change arrow-down Applies To: arrow-down
Course Title BA Arts becomes BA Creative Arts Courses
Entry Requirements AAB becomes ABB Courses
Pre/co-requisites Optional module ABCD1234 now requires a completion of an optional module EFGH5678 Modules
Composition of the course Change in compulsory modules, includes suspension, withdrawal, change in credits, level Courses
Changes to optional modules 50% of credit for optional modules changed at any stage, irrespective of the stage (such as suspending / withdrawing modules, or substituting with alternative modules, making a number of material changes to individual optional modules that altogether amount to 50% of the credit available) Courses
Information about how the course is delivered A change in teaching provision, such as substituting face-to-face teaching with blended learning. Courses and Modules
Learning outcomes Significantly changing the learning outcomes outlined in the specification (except for editorial changes) Courses and Modules
Contact hours (for example, the number and duration of lectures and seminars) Adjustment of the contact hours at the module level aggregated at the stage level of >5% Courses and Modules
Expected workload (e.g. expected self-study time) This should not change as it is defined by the credit framework Courses
Details about the general level of experience or status of staff involved TBA Courses
Overall methods of assessment (for example, a combination of exams, coursework or practical assessments) Course: A change of 5% to any type of assessment per stage, irrespective of the stage (for compulsory modules)

Module: removal or addition of a new type of assessment, ie changing 100% coursework to 100% exam, introducing a presentation element under coursework.
Courses and Modules
The award to be received on successful completion Changed from BA to BSc Courses
Location of study, including the likely or possible location of any work placements (where known) Some or all of the location of study is changed

(including the change of location for modules, ie. If the course is advertised to be delivered in Canterbury, and the location of a module is changed to Medway)
Courses and Modules
Length of course The course length is changed Courses
Whether the course is accredited and whether the course and the provider are regulated and by whom Accreditation added or removed

University of Kent is regulated by the Office for Students (or inspected by OFSTED if an apprenticeship) – this should not change
Tuition fees, including whether they will increase and by how much Tuition fees adjusted by more than the stated year on year indexed change Courses
Other extra costs which students are likely to incur Additional course costs (e.g. expected field trip) if >£50 per year, any year Courses and Modules
When and how tuition fees and extra costs are payable and when the student will become liable for payment Change to when fees or costs have to be paid (eg a new field trip must be paid up-front by a deadline). Courses
Whether accommodation is offered, and if so, whether it is on or off campus and its ownership Change to the accommodation offer General Information
Availability of funding and support New or retired scholarship or bursary General Information
The University’s important rules and regulations that apply to the course Change to or deviation from the Credit Framework conventions / Assessment Regulations Framework on assessment, reassessment, progression and classification General Information
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