Additional staff

Emeritus staff, honorary staff and associate lecturers in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics.

Honorary staff

Name Title Email address
Dr Reshmi Dutta-Flanders Honorary Research Fellow
Mark Grimshaw Honorary Lecturer
Dr Jonathan Kasstan Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Heide Kunzelmann Honorary Lecturer in German
Professor John Fletcher Honorary Senior Research Fellow in French
Dr John Partridge Honorary Lecturer in German and Linguistics
Dr Yadira Ross Honorary Fellow

Emeritus staff

Name Title Email address
Professor John Flower Professor Emeritus of Twentieth-Century French Literature
Professor Peter Read Professor Emeritus in Modern French Literature and Visual Arts
Professor Philip Robinson Professor Emeritus in Eighteenth-Century French Studies
Professor Clive Wake Professor Emeritus of French and African Literature  

Associate lecturers

Name Title Email address
Maria Ivone Duke Associate Lecturer in Portuguese
Beatrice Fagan Associate Lecturer in French
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