Dr Christina Kim

Senior Lecturer in Linguistics,
Director of Recruitment and Admissions
+44 (0)1227 826539
Dr Christina Kim


Dr Christina Kim joined the Department of English Language and Linguistics in October 2013. She received her PhD in Brain & Cognitive Sciences and Linguistics from the University of Rochester, New York, in 2012, where she investigated the interpretation and generation of focus alternatives in discourse using Visual World eye-tracking. 

As a postdoctoral researcher, Christina worked in the Linguistics Department at the University of Chicago, and extended her PhD research to the domain of context dependence in gradable adjectives.

More information is available on Christina's personal website.

Research interests

Christina is interested in how language interpretation and use is situated in context. She approaches these questions from a processing perspective, drawing on methodologies from experimental psychology and cognitive science. 

Christina is Director of the Linguistics Laboratory in the Department of English Language and Linguistics.  


Christina teaches semantics, pragmatics, and quantitative research methods in linguistics.

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