Honorary and Emeritus staff

Our honorary and emeritus staff remain a part of our School community.

Honorary staff

Name Title  Email address
Srivas Chennu Honorary Researcher s.chennu-785@kent.ac.uk
Hugo Feree Honorary Researcher  h.feree@kent.ac.uk
Tomas Kalibera Honorary Research Fellow t.kalibera@kent.ac.uk
Huiquig Li Honorary Research Fellow h.li@kent.ac.uk
Scott Owens Visiting Researcher s.a.owens@kent.ac.uk
Reuben Rowe Honorary Researcher r.n.s.rowe@kent.ac.uk
Tony West Honorary Professor  

Emeritus staff

Name Title Email address 
David Chadwick Emeritus Professor of Information Systems Security d.w.chadwick@kent.ac.uk
Sally Fincher Emeritus Professor in Computer Education s.a.fincher@kent.ac.uk
Tim Hopkins Emeritus Reader in Numerical Computing  t.r.hopkins@kent.ac.uk
Richard Jones Emeritus Professor of Computer Systems r.e.jones@kent.ac.uk
Andy King Emeritus Professor of Computer Science a.m.king@kent.ac.uk
Peter Linington Emeritus Professor of Computation p.f.linington@kent.ac.uk
Simon Thompson Emeritus Professor of Logic and Computation s.j.thompson@kent.ac.uk
Ian Utting Emeritus Fellow i.a.utting@kent.ac.uk
Peter Welch Emeritus Professor of Parallel Computing p.h.welch@kent.ac.uk
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