Simon Cooksey

Research Fellow in Programming Languages
 Simon Cooksey


I am in the PLAS research group. My specific research interests are on the semantics of systems programming languages. I am currently working on porting the Rust programming language to the Morello platform. My other work is on improving the specification of the memory consistency model of C/C++ and I have on-going collaboration with ISO C++ committee.

Internship at NVIDIA

As an intern at NVIDIA I extended the Memory Consistency Model for NVIDIA's virtual instruction set (PTX) to support ``memory proxies''. This enables writing well defined programs which mix generic load and store operations with specialised load and store operations for texture, surface and constant accesses.

If you are a PhD Student who is interested in what an internship can offer for your research, feel free to email me and ask questions.

Research interests

I am a member of the following research groups:

My research interests relate to Weak Memory Models, Semantics, and Correctness.


Modular Relaxed Dependencies in Weak Memory Concurrency: To appear at ESOP 2020. 
Marco Paviotti, Simon Cooksey, Anouk Paradis, Daniel Wright, Scott Owens, and Mark Batty

P1780 Modular Relaxed Dependencies: A new approach to the Out-Of-Thin-Air Problem: ISO/IEC C/C++ Standards Committee Paper. 
Presented to SG1 in Cologne 2019 and Belfast 2019. 
Mark Batty, Simon Cooksey, Scott Owens, Anouk Paradis, Marco Paviotti, and Daniel Wright

PrideMM: Second Order Model Checking for Memory Consistency Models: 10 Workshop on Tools for Automatic Program Analysism 2019. 
Simon Cooksey, Sarah Harris, Mark Batty, Radu Grigore, and Mikoláš Janota


I have taught

I primarily teach on Programming Language theory courses.

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