Dietary requirements

Find out information about allergens, vegan options and other dietary requirements.

We are proud of the range of food and drink we offer. Each of our bars and bistros has its own identity and uniqueness, meaning there is something on campus to suit everyone. However there are things which remain consistent across all our outlets on campus - our commitment to ensuring that our services meet the needs of our diverse community. In each place you will find:

  • Vegetarian options and a range of healthy, nutritious food
  • Allergen information for every dish available on request
  • Quality local produce used wherever possible.

We cater for special diets – please have a chat to our team wherever you go who will be happy to help.

Vegan dish from Sibson Cafe


If you wish to raise awareness of food allergies with your housemates then this Allergy Awareness poster (PDF 73KB) can be downloaded and displayed in your accommodation.

Additionally if you wish to notify our Food Safety Advisor about your allergy you can complete our online Student Allergy Awareness Form (PDF 601KB) and email this to him direct (although please be aware that if you do not consent to be contacted by our Food Safety Advisor on the form we cannot get in touch with you to discuss your needs further). Even after completing this form it is important to always speak to a member of the catering team regarding any requirements when ordering from an outlet on campus.

If you have any questions regarding dietary requirements, food allergies and living on campus, or wish to discuss your needs with our Safety and Compliance Advisor please contact us at

We have a range of vegan options available across our outlets and new for 2023, we have launched 'Silence of the Yams' which serves delicious vegan dishes.

Halal Policy

Our Halal policy explains our code of practice for Halal-sourced meat dishes. We have many halal-sourced menu options all across campus, which is listed in this policy.

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