Portrait of Dr Eve Kalyva

Dr Eve Kalyva

Lecturer in Art History
Employability Lead for the Division of Arts and Humanities


Eve has an interdisciplinary educational background across art, literature and science, and carries out interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral research. Her PhD (University of Leeds 2011, funded by the AHRC) examined image and text relations in conceptual art in a global context, exhibition practices, institutional critique and artists’ publications. Her postdoctoral research (University of Buenos Aires 2013) concerned art and activism in Latin America, the social dimension of art and its relation to media and politics, social semiotics and issues of memory, identity, human rights, coloniality and transitions to democracy.

Prior to coming to Kent, she worked at the universities of Leeds, Buenos Aires and Amsterdam, and collaborated with international art institutions such as the Henry Moore Institute and the Museum of Modern Art Chiloé (Chile) as curator and artist in residence. Eve also works as a museum educator and collaborates with the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis.

Research interests

Eve's research interests span conceptual and contemporary art, word and image studies, discourse analysis, museum pedagogies, and art, media and politics (including feminism). She has published on art history and criticism, philosophy, social semiotics, Latin American studies, activism, exhibition design and visual culture. Her monograph Image and Text in Conceptual Art: Critical Operations in Context was published by Palgrave/Macmillan in 2016. She is currently researching conceptual art exhibition histories in Britain (funded by the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art), museum entrepreneurship, and decolonial practices in art and culture.

Since 2019, she has co-led the research group Global Trajectories of Thought and Memory: Art and the Global South at the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture, University of Amsterdam.


Eve's classes foster dialogue, respect, diversity, critical thinking and collaboration. She has received training in teaching in Higher Education and in Visible Thinking pedagogies developed at Harvard University.

Her approach involves building on students’ existing knowledge and direct experience, and engaging their imagination and innate curiosity. Her key objective is to help her students identify and better use the learning dispositions that are most suitable to them in order to learn better (active learning) and learn further (independent learning). She adjusts teaching and assessment methods to my students’ learning needs and backgrounds, She is particularly interested in furthering their education and professional development through workshops, fieldwork and internships.

Eve is currently teaching the following modules:

  • HART3540/3550 Exploring Art History (BA)
  • HART669/6700 Study of a Single Artist (BA)
  • HART5005/6005 Elements of Latin American Art (BA)
  • HART5008/6008 The Dutch Golden Age: 17th cent. Art and Culture (BA)
  • HA8270 Curatorial Internship (MA)

She has previously taught courses on visual culture, image and text, art and activism, museums and exhibitions.


Eve can supervise students working on the following topics:

  • modern, conceptual and contemporary art in a global context (British, European, North and South American), performance, public art
  • text-based art, artists’ publications, print-making
  • word and image studies, multimodality, discourse analysis, semiotics
  • institutional and socio-political critique, social practice, art and politics, activism and feminism
  • exhibition design, museum histories and pedagogies, the museum as a learning site
  • decolonial practices in art and culture (including museums) and transitions to democracy
  • practice-based research
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