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Nostalgia podcast with Jacqui Double

2 November 2019

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Jacqui Double, Student Support Officer for the School of Arts, is the subject of the latest podcast on 'Nostalgia', as part of an ongoing project by Dr Chris Deacy in the Department of Religious Studies.

In the podcast, Jacqui discusses her religious sensibilities as a child, her experiences of growing up in faith environments and the limitations thereby. She also talks about different friendship communities that have been built up, and growing up with children who have challenging medical circumstances.

Jacqui was the first of her generation in her family to go to university and she reflects on how she had to make choices to enable her to live independently. She worked as a teacher and then for a theatre company and we discover that Jacqui is quite a practical person and isn't someone who looks back and regrets things.

Jacqui wasn't interested in music growing up. Her childhood was much more book-based and she would read a book a day and we learn that she is quite eclectic in her interests. We talk about embracing Kindles, reading English Literature at Sheffield, why she thinks she should have been a Renaissance male, and why she loves to re-read a book.

To listen to the podcast, please see the page here:

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