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Why not add a Year in Arts to your degree?

We are offering a free-standing, self-contained year to students from other Schools in the University called 'Year in Arts'. During the year you will be based within the School of Arts, returning to your home School afterwards. You will graduate with your current degree plus ‘with a Year in Arts.’

The Year in Arts for 2017 start is open to all stage 2 students. You will take this year after your second year and before your third year.


Frequently Asked Questions

What would I learn?

Modules that may be on offer to you during your Year in Arts include:
•         Screenwriting
•         Images of War and Violence
•         Media and Performance
•         Beauty in Theory, Culture & Contemporary Art
•         Art and Film
•         Film Criticism
•         Digital Domains
•         Animated Worlds
•         Television Series

By which date do I need to apply?

You will need to apply by Saturday 1st April 2017. After you submit your application, you will be asked to come in for an interview.

What skills would I gain?

By studying a Year in Arts you will:
•         Learn skills suitable for a career in arts, media and the creative industries.
•         Apply an arts subject to your primary area of study.
•         Gain arts knowledge and skills that will be of lasting value in a field that is constantly changing.
•         Develop an understanding of the history, theory and practice of film, drama, arts and/or media that can be applied in your future employment or further study.
•         Develop general critical, analytical, creative and problem-solving skills that can be applied in a wide range of different work and life environments.

Who can join the Year in Arts?

The year will be available to any University of Kent undergraduate students (Canterbury or Medway) who have completed Stage 2 of their degree in any subject other than Drama, Film, Art History, History and Philosophy of Art or related joint honours degrees.

Is there anyone who can't apply for the Year in Arts?

You cannot apply if you are:

  • not currently resgistered as an undergraduate student at the University of Kent
  • registered as a student in the School of Arts

What do I need to get in?

The Year in Arts will only be available to students who achieve 60% (merit) or above in their years prior to entering the Year in Arts.

After submitting your application, you will be asked to come in for an interview.

What will this cost me?

In terms of cost, the Year in Arts should be viewed simply as an additional year of study, making a three-year degree into a four-year degree. If you pay your own tuition fees, then you will have to pay for an extra year. For those eligible, student loans should normally be available for all four years. However it is your responsibility to check with the Loan Authority that they will continue to give you financial support on the new programme.

What qualification does this lead to?

Students who successfully complete the Year in Arts and their home degree will graduate 'with a Year in Arts'. A full transcript of your marks on the Year in Arts will also be available to you, and can be supplied to potential employers.

How does this affect my current degree accreditation?

Please talk to staff in your home school about whether adding a Year in Arts will affect your accreditation or not.

Where will the Year in Arts be taught?

The programme will be run on the Canterbury campus. Medway students would need to move to, or commute to, Canterbury for the year.

Can I take a Year in Arts as a postgraduate student?

Unfortunately not. The programme is open to Kent undergraduates, not Master's or PhD students.

Can I take a Year in Arts as an international student?

We would welcome applications from our international students and would be keen to discuss options with you upon application.

Can I apply now, if I want to start the programme in September 2018?

Please wait to apply until applications have opened for next academic year if you would like to start the programme in September 2018.

Would I gain the same knowlege on a Master's course as on the Year in Arts?

No, the Year in Arts is specifically tailored to undergraduate learning however it will provide a good foundation knowledge if you are interested in potentially studying an MA in the School of Arts at a later stage.

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