Emeritus, honorary and visiting staff in the School of Anthropology and Conservation.

Emeritus Staff

Name Title Email address
Professor Roy Ellen Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and Human Ecology r.f.ellen@kent.ac.uk
Professor Michael Fischer Emeritus Professor of Social Anthropology m.d.fischer@kent.ac.uk
Professor Ian Swingland DSc Emeritus Professor of Conservation Biology ian@herons-hall.co.uk
Professor Bill Watson Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and Multicultural Studies bill.watson@smb-itb.ac.id

Honorary Staff

Name Title Email address
Dr Julia Arias-Martorell                          Honorary Researcher in Biological Anthropology                          j.martorell@kent.ac.uk                                             
Alan Bicker Honorary Senior Research Fellow a.j.bicker@kent.ac.uk
Dr Richard Bodmer Honorary Professor in Conservation Ecology r.bodmer@kent.ac.uk
Professor Hugh Brody Honorary Professor in Social Anthropology  
Dr Cathy Cantwell Honorary Research Fellow c.m.cantwell@kent.ac.uk
Dr Glynn Davies Honorary Professor  
Professor Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg Honorary Professor  
Professor Chris Hann Honorary Professor c.m.hann@kent.ac.uk
Professor Jean-Marc Hero Honorary Professor mixophyes1@gmail.com
Professor Jon Hutton Honorary Professor of Sustainable Resource Management j.hutton-848@kent.ac.uk
Dr Sarah Kariko Honorary Research Associate sjkariko@gmail.com
Dr Jonathan Loh Honorary Research Fellow j.loh@kent.ac.uk
Dr Nicholas Macgregor Honorary Senior Research Fellow n.macgregor@kent.ac.uk
Dr Gary Martin Honorary Research Fellow gary@global-diversity.org
Professor Erik Meijaard Honorary Professor of Conservation Science e.meijaard@kent.ac.uk
Dr Justyna Miszkiewicz Honorary Research Associate justyna.miskiewicz@kent.ac.uk
Dr Dario Novellino Honorary Research Fellow palawan.endangered@gmail.com
Dr Italo Pardo Honorary Professor of Social Anthropology i.pardo@kent.ac.uk
Dr Simon Platten Honorary Research Fellow s.j.platten@kent.ac.uk
Dr Giuliana B. Prato Honorary Senior Research Fellow g.b.prato@kent.ac.uk
Dr Eirini Saratsi Honorary Research Fellow e.saratsi@kent.ac.uk
Dr Ian Watson Honorary Research Associate i.g.watson@kent.ac.uk
Professor Bernard Wood Honorary Professor bernardawood@gmail.com
Dr Pantaleimon Xofis Honorary Research Associate                                                      pxofis@damt.gov.gr

Visiting Staff

Name Title Email address
Dr Juan Martín Dabezies Academic Visitor j.m.dabezies@kent.ac.uk
Annabel Falcon DICE Administrator              a.falcon@kent.ac.uk
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