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Information for Kent staff

All academic schools and University departments are encouraged to develop opportunities for their students to take part in the Student Ambassador Scheme.  These guidelines are intended to help and support staff with these activities, which include outreach, subject-based projects and recruitment.

The University’s Student Ambassador Scheme has expanded greatly over the last few years to provide outreach to local schools and communities. It will continue to expand to support student success within academic schools. The scheme is an important part of the University’s Access Agreement with the Office For Studnents (OfS), which permits the University to charge fees above the base level. The University aims to ensure that all students will have the opportunity to be involved in outreach either through paid, voluntary or credit bearing opportunities. 

Staff should be clear that although recruitment related activity can be supported through the scheme (eg schools can employ students trained under the scheme) ambassador recruitment roles and their payment remains distinct and outreach activity will be monitored and reported separately as part of the University’s Agreement with OfS.

The Scheme gives Kent students an excellent opportunity to get involved in a range of challenging and rewarding placements and projects, as well as training sessions, which are also designed to help students to develop skills to support their future careers.  In addition, as Ambassadors, students are given access to Personal Development opportunities throughout the year.

The central aim of the Student Ambassador Scheme’s activities is to encourage people to consider progression to higher education generally, as well as to the University of Kent specifically.  Academic schools can employ their students as ambassadors to support activities in the school, particularly in the areas of outreach and recruitment but also to support other students. Ambassadors may:

  • represent specific degree programmes on Open and Applicant Days
  • support outreach and recruitment events and projects, increasing capacity and supporting full-time academic and administrative staff
  • provide administrative support to on-going projects and innovative activities
  • deliver academic peer mentoring projects
  • undertake any other reasonable activities which departments consider appropriate and which provide the ambassadors with opportunities for work and personal development.

Student ambassadors receive recognition for their involvement in the scheme, either through payment, Kent Union volunteering hours, or academic credit depending on the type of work or placement they undertake. Many activities can also carry points within the University's Employability Points Scheme.

For detailed guidance on how academic schools and departments are able to develop and administer the Student Ambassador Scheme, please click on the links in the menu bar to the left.

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