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About the Student Ambassador Scheme

The Student Ambassador Scheme runs an array of activities, working with a variety of people, with the central aim of encouraging learners to consider progression to higher education generally, as well as to the University of Kent specifically.

As ambassadors, Kent students are given the opportunity to get involved in a range of challenging and rewarding activities and projects, which are also designed to enable them to develop transferable employability skills, while greatly enhancing the student experience.

If you are a Kent student and are looking for work where you can engage, inspire and have an impact on people's lives, then the ambassador role could be right for you!

Being an ambassador at the University of Kent and working with such an amazing team for three years has easily been one of the highlights of my time at university and it is something I would recommend to anyone starting their university experience

There are two routes available to you should you wish to become an ambassador.  You could apply for the Central Ambassador Scheme, where you can work on a combination of core Outreach and Recruitment opportunities, or you could apply to become an ambassador for your Academic Division and work on subject-specific activities hosted by your academic school.  If you are really motivated by ambassador work, and keen to take on work in all areas, there is nothing to stop you applying for both!

Before making any decisions about which route(s) might suit you it is important that you read the relevant Outreach, Recruitment and Academic Division webpages and view the Current Vacancies.

Please note, you will need to submit separate applications for ambassador work, for both the Central Ambassador Scheme and the Academic Divisions, where staff from each route will consider each application separately and on their own merit.  If you are successful for both roles, you will only be required to attend one training session.

NB. Please ensure that you use your Kent email address for any ambassador applications.

The Ambassador scheme allowed me to grow in confidence and gave me experience talking to people. I was also able to become active within the university community and support staff and students.

What type of work is involved?

Working as an ambassador provides a diverse experience, where no two days are ever the same! Depending on the area of the scheme, ambassadors could work on a range of activities, including: supporting our partner school students on Outreach campus visit days; assisting students on our programme of in-classroom aspiration-raising activities within a school; supporting subject-specific workshops run by our divisions; or helping prospective students and their parents/carers decide on whether Kent is right for them, on our Recruitment Open Days and Visit Days.

The Ambassador Band Structure is representative of the type of roles, duties and rates of pay which can currently be found within the scheme. However, please note that not all roles are available within all areas of the scheme, and that other roles may exist which are not included here.

Who can apply?

Any current student at the University of Kent is eligible to apply!  We are not looking for experts, but rather students who are passionate about their course and being a student at the University of Kent, who are keen to work with a wide range of audiences and share their individual journey. 

We particularly encourage applications from individuals who can add value and complement our existing cohort of Ambassadors - we believe that success is built on having teams whose backgrounds and personal experiences reflect the diversity of our students. We are particularly interested in the strengths and lived experiences of different ethnic groups and cultures, those who are care experienced, were in receipt of Free School Meals at school, or are a member of the LGBTQ+ community.  

As an international student, working on outreach activities was an interesting and meaningful opportunity for me. I learnt quite a lot about how higher education works in the UK and how important outreach work is

Current Vacancies

You are able to view all available vacancies on our website so please click the button below for full information.

Key Dates

Central Ambassador Scheme - Applications are open from Friday 16th September - Wednesday 5th October 2022.

Academic Divisional Ambassador Scheme - Application dates vary. Click below to check the current recruitment details for your Division.

Please be aware that in order to commence employment as a Student Ambassador you must be able to provide your eligibility to work in the UK. For further information, please see the Right to Work in the UK Guidance.

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