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Dr Caroline Chatwin

School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research - Senior lecturer in criminology

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I am a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Kent’s School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research.

I run my own third year optional undergraduate module and MA module in the field of illegal drugs.  The aim is to explore both the cultural context of drug taking and the political controls that have been placed upon this activity from an international perspective.  I supervise undergraduates and postgraduates in these areas.

My research is mainly based around the intricacies of drug policy at the European level debating whether or not drug policy in Europe should become more harmonised and critiquing policy options implemented at the European level.  I have also done some recent work in cannabis markets in the UK, internet research methods and older cannabis users.

My most recent work is in the field of policy responses to new psychoactive substances.


Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository

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Book section
Chatwin, C. (2014). New psychoactive substances: new European policy landscapes. in: Potter, G. R., Wouters, M. and Fountain, J. eds. Change and Continuity: researching evolving drug landscapes in Europe. PABST publications.
Potter, G. and Chatwin, C. (2011). Researching cannabis markets online: some lessons from the virtual field. in: Fountain, J., Frank, V. A. and Korf, D. J. eds. Markets, methods and messages: Dynamics in European drug research. PABST SCIENCE PUBLISHERS.
Chatwin, C. (2008). Parental use of alcohol and illicit drugs: a critical review of recent research (Chapter 3) . in: Kennison, P. and Goodman, A. eds. Children as Victims . SAGE Publications Ltd.
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Research interests

To date, the focus of my research has been the intricacies of drug policy at the European level.  I began my interest in this area with a PhD investigating the different paradigms of drug policy operating in Europe and exploring the possibility of an integrated European drug policy. 

Over the last ten years I have continued in this vein, publishing articles on the stability of drug policy within Europe, the role of the new European member states in defining drug policy and the relevance of multi-level governance as a policy strategy for the field of illicit drugs. Most recently I have published a research monograph in this area with Palgrave McMillan (2011) entitled ‘Drug Policy Harmonization and the European Union’ and an article in the International Journal of Drug Policy (2013) critiquing the outgoing European Union strategy on drugs.  In 2011 I also worked as the special advisor to the Home Affairs sub-committee of the House of Lords European Select Committee during their investigation into European drug policy.

More recently, I have been developing interests in additional areas connected to the drugs field.  I have conducted several small scale internet research studies and have published in the field of internet research methods.  The research studies explored subcultural elements of the psytrance scene, UK cannabis markets and the experiences of older cannabis users.

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