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Paying for printing and photocopying

Are you running low on credits?

Check your balance

Buying credits

Pay online

Buy copying/printer credits online (service is accessible from off campus).

Pay at a credit machines on campus

You can find print credit machines in libraries and in Keynes College, Medway building, Gillingham building. Minimum payment £1 (no change given).

If you have problems using the machine:

  • hold your KentOne card next to the reader for a few seconds for it to register
  • did you register your card at a photocopier before using a credit machine? This may be required (although most students are pre-registered).


All costs are per side, and you have a 200 credit overdraft:

  • Black and white: A4 = 5p (5 credits), A3 = 10p (10 credits) 
  • Colour: A4 = 20p (20 credits), A3 = 40p (40 credits)

Why do we have to pay for printing?

The University does not profit from printing charges, the charges cover the costs of the service only.

In the past printing was provided free, but it was felt that students were printing more than is necessary and not considering the environmental impact – which is the main reason that the charges came in.

Academic schools have the option to provide an allocation of print credits free to their students, and many do. The University made the decision to enable schools to decide whether they wanted to provide this to their students, rather than it be decided centrally.


Online payments

FAQs about the online payments system:

Check an online print credit payment has been made

Immediately after your payment has been made, the 'Payment complete and Print balance updated' page will be shown in your web browser.

You should then be able to see your updated print credit balance online on the Print Management Service page.

A confirmation email will also be sent to the email address entered into the form.

Online print credit payment refund policy

Refunds can be given by the IT Service Desk Manager, at their discretion.

Information Services Helpdesk can be contacted by email at:

Or by phone on:
(01227 82)4999

Online print credit payment security

All data to and from the online payment page is encrypted using Thawte SSL Certificates. This is indicated by the presence of https:// in the address bar and the padlock icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Card holders who are registered for Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, will be asked to enter an additional password when making an online payment. Those who are not registered might be presented with the option to enrol.


By using the Kent network you are agreeing to abide by these Regulations.


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Last Updated: 20/03/2014