Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance


Rambert School, since its first incarnation under Marie Rambert some eighty-five years ago, has been associated with a reflective, innovative and individualised approach to teaching, learning and making dance. The School continues and cherishes this tradition.
The work of the School carries on in recognition that dance is a vocation, and that many practising artists (especially dance artists) require an unusual level of energy, commitment and dedication in order to succeed in their profession.
The School is recognised internationally as one of the small group of first-level professional dance schools of the world. In order to remain so, and to support its students (given the demands they must confront), it is clear that Rambert School must provide a contained, bordered and protected environment through which an unusual,
special and intense level of energy and professionalism is created, respected, treasured and sustained.

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Foundation Degree Ballet and Contemporary Dance
BA (Hons) Top Up Ballet and Contemporary Dance
MA Professional Dance Performance

Validated from



School of Arts



Academic School Liaison Officer

Dr Freya Vass-Rhee

Deputy Chair of Board of Examiners

Amanda Britton

External Examiner

UG - Caroline Lofthouse
PG - Prof Susan Jones

Next Periodic Review

2022/2023 session

Institutional Address

Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance
Clifton Lodge
St. Margaret's Drive

Telephone: 0208 892 9960

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  • Foundation Degree Ballet and Contemporary Dance
  • BA (Hons) Top Up Ballet and Contemporary Dance

All programmes are subject to the University's conventions as expressed in the Credit Framework.


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For up to date Guidance for Boards of Examiners please refer to the Validation Handbook, Section 7: http://www.kent.ac.uk/teaching/qa/collaborative/validation/handbook/section7.html

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