Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust


Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust runs unique courses aimed at good conservation practice, both at its International Training Centre in Jersey and overseas. These courses draw on the Trusts and success and experience as an International Organisation focusing on Endangered Species Management and Conservation with programmes being run worldwide.

Its students are scientists from developing countries who are in a prime position to save animals from extinction.

To date they have trained over 1,500 students from 120 countries.


Programme Graduate Certificate in Endangered Species Management
Validated from: 1985
School School of Anthropology and Conservation (DICE)
Faculty Social Sciences
Academic School Liaison Officer Prof Jim Groombridge
Deputy Chair of Board of Examiners Dr Tim Wright
External Examiner Dr Rachel White
Next Periodic Review March 2018/19
Institutional Address
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Les Augres Manor
Channel Islands


  • Graduate Certificate in Endangered Species Management

All programmes are subject to the University's conventions as expressed in the Credit Framework.

With the following exception:
i. Exemption from Preponderance for the Graduate Certificate in Endangered Species Management

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