Northern School of Contemporary Dance



Northern School of Contemporary Dance

NSCD is a unique dance training institution offering a select group of students the opportunity to develop and excel as dance artists in a conservatoire environment.

Founded in 1985 as the first conservatoire dance school within the public sector, NSCD provides world-class dance training, nurturing and developing talent without regard to race or social background. It is also an affiliate member of the Conservatoire of Dance and Drama.

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Cert HE in Contemporary Dance

BA (Hons) in Dance (Contemporary)

MA/PG Dip in Contemporary Dance Performance

MA in Dance and Creative Enterprise

PG Dip in Arts Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Validated From



School of Arts



Academic School Liaison Officer

Dr Roanna Mitchell

Deputy Chair of Board of Examiners

Janet Smith

External Examiner

Ms K Alexander

Next Periodic Review

2022/2023 Session

Institutional Address

Northern School of Contemporary Dance
98 Chapeltown Road

Telephone: 0113 219 3000

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Programme Modules
Certificate of Higher Education in Contemporary Dance
Programme Specification CHECH1 Choreography
CHECS1 Contextual Studies
CHEDR1 Dance Repertoire
CHEDT1 Dance Technique
CHEPP1 Performance Practice
BA (Hons) in Dance (Contemporary)

Programme Specification - from September 2016

Stage 1
  BP1CT Contemporary Dance Technique
BP1BT Classical Ballet Technique
BP1CC Choreographic and Creative Studies 1
BP1PC Performance in Context
BP1RE Rehearsal & Performance
BP1BM Body and Mind Learning: experimental learning tools for dancers
Stage 2
BP2CT Contemporary Dance Technique
BP2BT Classical Ballet Technique
BP2CC Choreographic and Creative Studies
BP2RE Rehearsal
BP2IA Ideas in the Arts
BP2PP Performance Practice
Stage 3
BP3CT Contemporary Dance Technique
BP3BT Classical Ballet Technique
BP3RE Rehearsal
BP3CA Collaborative Arts Project
BP3PP Performance Practice
BP3IP Research Project
Programme Specification - from September 2017 Stage 1
  BA1CP1 Creative Practice 1 (Core Skills)
BA1DT1 Dance Techniques - Ballet & Contemporary Practices 1
BA1DT2 Dance Techniques - Ballet & Contemporary Practices 2
BA1PC1 Performance in Context 1
BA1RP1 Research Project 1 (Site & Screen)
BA1TD1 Teaching Dance 1 (Core Skills)
Stage 2
Compulsory Modules
BA2DT3 Dance Techniques - Ballet & Contemporary Practices 3
BA2CP3 Creative Practice 3
BA2PC2 Performance in Context 2
BA2RP2 Research Project 2
Option Modules (choose either)
BA2CP2 Creative Practice 2, or
BA2TD2 Teaching Dance 2
Stage 3
Compulsory Modules
BA3DT4 Dance Techniques - Ballet & Contemporary Practices 4
BA3PC3 Performance in Context 3
BA3PC4 Performance in Context 4
BA3PC5 Performance in Context 5
Option Modules (choose either)
BA3RP3 Research Project 3, or
BA3TD3 Teaching Dance 3
BPA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance - pre September 2016
Programme Specification
MA/PG Dip in Contemporary Dance Performance - from September 2016
Programme Specification PGCD1 Dance Technique
PGCD8 Professional Practice: Company
PGCD9 Professional Practice: Apprenticeship
MANCD1 Research Project
MA/PG Dip in Contemporary Dance Performance - from September 2019
Programme Specification MATP1 Technical Practice
MACY1 Company
MAPP3 Performance Practice
MAAF1 Artist as Facilitator
MARP2 Research Project
MA in Dance and Creative Enterprise
Programme Specification Stage 1
Compulsory Modules
MADR1 Dance Research and Perspective in Practice
MAAP1 Arts Project Management
MAFC1 Fundraising for Creative Industries
MAMD1 Marketing and Digital representation
Option Modules
MACM1 Creative Modes of Enquiry
MADT1 Dance Technique
MAPP1 Professional Practice (project)
MAPP2 Professional Practice (placement)
Stage 2
Compulsory Module
MARP1 Research Project
PG Diploma in Arts Learning and Teaching in Higher Education - from September 2019 Stage 1
Programme Specification Compulsory Module
PGLT1 Arts Based Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education
Optional Modules (choose either)
PGLT2 Curriculum and Assessment Design in Higher Education
PGLT3 Learning Support in Higher Education
Stage 2
PGLT4 Professional Practice: Placement
PGLT5 Independent Action Research Project

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  • BA (Hons) in Dance (Contemporary)
  • MA/PG Dip in Contemporary Dance Performance

All programmes are subject to the University's conventions as expressed in the Credit Framework.

With the following exceptions:

For students entering prior to September 2014

i. An approved exemption is in place to allow capping for re-sits at the component, rather than module level.

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For up to date Guidance for Boards of Examiners please refer to the Validation Handbook, Section 7: http://www.kent.ac.uk/teaching/qa/collaborative/validation/handbook/section7.html

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